钢渣综合利用 Comprehensive utilization of steel slag

      (一)、简要介绍brief introduction
      公司坚持变废为宝、资源再生、创造资源与环境和谐的思想理念,致力于钢渣绿色利用创新和实践,实现了钢渣利用的资源化、产品化、绿色化,形成了“粉、砂、砖、土”多元化梯级利用产品 。公司拥有年产60万平方的钢渣制品生产线、年产40万吨的钢渣型砂集料生产线、年产5万立方的钢渣混凝土生产线等钢渣产品生产线,年处理利用钢渣能力超过120万吨。
     MCC Baosteel adhering to the principle of "turning waste into treasure, resource regenerating, creating a harmony between resources and environment ”, committed to the comprehensive innovation and practice of steel slag environment-friendly usage. The utilization of steel slag has been realized in the form of resource, product and environment-friendly,and also formed cascade utilizable, diversified products like "powder, sand, brick, clay”. The company has the steel slag production line with an annual output of 600,000 square meters, the steel slag & molding sand production line with an annual production capacity of 400,000 tons, the steel slag concrete production line with an annual production line of 50,000 cubic meters,etc.The total slag treatment capacity is more than 1.2 million tons.

     (二)、主要产品 core products
      The utilization of steel slag resources has formed steel slag permeable concrete and its products, steel slag heavy concrete and its products, steel slag micro-powder, steel slag special molding sand products which are widely used in cement, concrete, road construction, metallurgical anti wearing material industry. The company provides design, product development, equipment matching, engineering technology and other whole-process resources development and utilization services.

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